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Andi Martin

Hi my name is Andrew Martin, Drag name Andi Martine, born in Glasgow, age (no comment). My Drag name when I first started Drag was Misty Hills, coming from Glasgow I thought this was good. But then I started working in the original Café La Belle with Alan Ward and he suggested that I changed it to Andi Martine and the star was born. Before my Drag days I was a charge hand in a bar for five years, I gave that up and became one of Glasgows best male dancers for ladies nights and the gay scene, up north and down south. I have been living in Gran Canaria now for roughly 15 years and myself. James, Dinah and the late Tammy Pax created Sparkles Showbar and as they say the rest is history. Sparkles Radio station is the newest chapter, so I look forward to entertaining you all in the bar and online, (and hopefully soon on Sparkles TV) Love Andi x.

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