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My name is James Probert, born in Glasgow Scotland, my partner of 25 years is Andi Martine, we used to come to GC every year to see the shows in Café La Belle. Back home in Scotland I was working for Barclays bank, but I gave this up to become a driver and roadie for Andi and a group called G Force, travelling the country performing in gay venues and for ladies nights. We decided to move to GC and Andi carried on with his dancing and I was driving him all over the island to different venues, in my spare time I started making him costumes, which I had no training for, then Andi became a Drag Queen and I started making costumes and dresses for him and his fellow Drag Queens around. Then myself, Andi,Dinah and Tammy opened Sparkles Showbar, and I am mainly behind the scenes, making costumes, costumes and props as well as the dresser and lights and music techno during the shows.

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